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We aim to provide the best double-glazing products to the home owners of Perth. Our products are not the cheapest. Instead, we provide high-specification, high-performing products that far exceed current Australian standards.

If you want the best double-glazing product for your home, check out some of our points of difference below; check out our competitors; then come and talk to us.


200-300% Better Thermal Efficiency

Our products range allows you to achieve an industry-leading U rating of below 1. Your typical Australian double-glazing is rated at 3. Our’s is simply 3 times more effective.


Temperature Stability

In summer, up to 56% of the heat is reflected away from your home. In winter, up to 63% less heat is lost. You’ll spend less on heating & cooling.


Over 150 Colour Choices

See if you can find anyone else that can do the same.


Kommerling UPVC Frames

We use hot-country specification uPVC frames with high levels of titanium-dioxide to maintain longevity of colour under the Australian sun


Up to 88% Noise reduction

Typical Australian double-glazing offers only 70% or lower.


Up to 93% UV reflection

No need for additional sun protection with this level of performance


Greater Cost Saving

The highest thermal efficiency means reduced costs to heat and cool your home.


Thermally Broken Aluminium Frames

We are the only supplier who exclusively offers thermally-broken aluminium frames. 


Composite Front Doors

Soundproof & fully insulated, we are the sole distributors for these products in WA.


Argon filled windows

30%+ improved insulating capability, compared to air-gap double glazing. No internal condensation.


Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

A product unique to our range.


Multi-Point Locking Systems

Eliminate the need for security screens and doors. Whereas the Australian norm is often 1-locking point, our doors have 8/9-locking points; our windows have 5/6-locking points.


St Gobain Planitherm 4S II Glass

Some of the best performing glass available today. European specification; Excellent thermal performance; Tempered for strength; Self cleaning.
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