2. About Double Glazing

What is Double Glazing?

Double glazed windows and doors are made from two panes of glass that are separated by a layer of air or gas and then sealed. The use of two panes of glass dramatically reduces noise and heat transmission.

The use of a gas, most often argon, is preferable between the layers of glass as it is considered to be a superior insulator than those with just a sealed pocket of air. For optimum thermal performance, double glazing should have a space of 12 to 20mm between the panes.

In a standard single glazed window, both heat and noise are easily transferred. In summer, sunlight heats up your house and in winter, heat escapes from inside your home to the outside. You pay more for heating and cooling costs and all year-round, noise can easily pass through the window. Visit our ‘Why Double Glazing‘ page for more information on the benefits of using double glazing.


What are Thermally Broken Aluminium Frames?

Thermally Broken Aluminium frames are made from premium grade aluminium, with the internal and external surfaces separated by a polyamide (plastic) thermal break, dramatically reducing the transfer of heat and cold. This surpasses the standard single glazed aluminium frames used in Australian products, which conduct heat and cold readily, greatly reducing their effectiveness in maintaining a comfortable living space.


  • Powder Coated Maintenance-free Aluminium profiles – no more painting
  • Rust proof hardware – marine grade austenitic stainless-steel hardware
  • Premium Aluminium Profiles – will last the life of your home
  • Advanced thermal efficiency – argon filled, toughened energy rated sealed units
  • Best Security on the market – Up to 5/6-point locking system on windows, 8/9-point locking system on doors
  • Keeps you warmer in winter – 5mm toughened interior pane resulting in significant reduction in heat loss
  • Keeps you cooler in summer – 5mm toughened Low-E giving excellent heat reflection
  • No more draughts – co extruded tight-fitting weather seals
  • Optimum thermal performance and noise reduction – 12mm spacer bar for optimal sealed unit properties

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