1. Double Glazing in Perth

Why do you need Double Glazing in Perth?

To most people, double glazing simply keeps the heat in and so is only important in cold countries, but that is only half the story. It also keeps the heat out, helping to maintain a cooler environment during hot summers.

Double glazing makes your whole house comfortable, not just the areas where the heater or air conditioner is. It can also help block-out noise pollution, which can be a problem for homes and apartments near pubs, clubs, airport or busy roads.


Why use double glazed windows and doors in your home design?

Although windows and doors appear a simple choice, they are possibly the most complex and interesting elements in the fabric of our homes and buildings. They provide light and fresh air, contrast in texture, colour and design, as well as offer views that connect our interior living spaces with the great outdoors.

Architects, designers or builders, can explore different ways of using building materials as well as other passive energy efficiency techniques such as eaves, shading, location and orientation, while ensuring adequate ventilation and natural lighting, to meet energy efficiency requirements.

Using good, design principles for your home, rather than the specific energy performance of any one building element, will provide you with a home that not only complies with energy regulations, but one that is comfortable for you to live in.

Double glazed windows will outperform single glazed windows in energy performance and efficiency in all instances and have the potential to give your home a 10 star energy rating rather than the average 6 star rating that is common.

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